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Okay, so here's the thing...Danny's life was saved by 9/11. His partner was dead, he was as good as dead, and he bluffed about the cops...and then the plane hit the tower and all those sirens saved him.

His life was saved by the WTC attack.

How does someone like Danny live with that? I mean, no wonder he couldn't quit being a cop, even if it ruined his marriage. For someone like him that would drive his whole existence from then on. He'd be carrying those people around forever, doing everything he can to honor their deaths and try to prevent any more of it, like that's why he was saved, just to do that. "Borrowed time" indeed.

Terrence Howard's character called it--he's a modern-day night. He and Steve both are.

I just...I love my show. So much.

I'm trying to write fic...but I can't even corral all the feelings.

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