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Title: Fate
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Looks like this is going to be a bit longer than I thought. I'm estimating 4 chapters...we'll see.

See Part 1 for summary and notes.


To Steve's amazement, he slept. Not a lot, and mostly badly, but the three hours of solid sleep was still more than he'd had since the night before he'd killed Anton Hesse. The night before his father was murdered.

It was enough to get him through the funeral, though, through the echoing twenty-one gun salute that made him flinch inside. It only served to intensify that echo of the shot he'd heard over the phone, the one that seemed to reverberate around in his head constantly. The only break he'd had from the noise had been the night before, with the man in the red mask.

The man he was forbidding himself to think about. Once he'd gotten a few hours of rest, he'd tossed and turned, plagued by dreams of his mystery man, a tangle of actual memories and fantasies all rolled together, leaving him hard and breathless when he woke.

He'd made up his mind that morning that there was no point in thinking about some guy he'd never see again. And yet three times at the funeral he'd seen someone the same height and build and stopped dead, wondering.

At this rate he'd drive himself crazy by dinner.

The governor effectively paused all thoughts of his mysterious partner when she showed up at Pearl without a camera crew, much to Steve's surprise. Finding out his father had been friends with her was another surprise, but hard on the heels of that news was the biggest surprise of all--a job offer.

Her motives were obvious, and he didn't need to be tied down to a local government. For all her claims of immunity and means, he had a feeling she wouldn't be so quick to back them up when push came to shove. And he'd at least learned his way around the red tape of the Navy, and he'd earned himself a lot of knives to cut through the tape.

His decision was tested, though, upon running into Chin Ho Kelly and finding out that HPD had put a cop practically fresh off the plane on the investigation into his father's murder. The best detectives at HPD with the best resources should be tracking down leads, and all they could manage was one lousy mainlander?

Fuck that. He'd go see for himself what he could find at the scene. After all, Hesse was still the subject of his investigation, and the Navy had more clout than HPD.

Two hours later, Steve was ducking his way past the crime scene tape and into his father's house. He wasn't sure what he'd expected, but the combination of the familiar house, virtually unchanged since his mother's death, and the chaos of a crime scene, was...unsettling.

For all that he'd seen his share of bloodshed, nothing had prepared him for seeing his father's blood splattered all over the place. His brain helpfully supplied the conversation with Hesse and the gunshot, as if it was playing on a loop. He could almost picture the shot just from the pattern.

He closed his eyes against the sight, but it just played on in his head, so he searched for something else to distract him. His mind zeroed in on the night before, the taste and smell of the man he'd met a welcome change from the horror he'd been picturing.

Mind grounded for the moment, Steve sidestepped the exact murder scene and went through the house, noting a few pieces of evidence before ending up in the garage. Just as he'd written it off for any kind of information, his eyes landed on the old toolbox on the shelf, a partially obscured Champion spark plug decal left with only the word "Champ."

The nickname his father had never used before that last call, when he'd said it twice.

Steve approached the toolbox carefully, as if it might explode. It didn't, though, just opened up normally, as if it wasn't going to contain anything earth shattering or life altering.

Misleading, as it turned out, since the information was about as destructive as a landmine. A lot of it didn't make any sense, though he suspected it was evidence of some kind. But the tape recorder...that was a whole other story. His father couldn't trust the people he worked with? How far did that go? And did it have anything to do with his father's death?

A ridiculous thought--Victor had shot his father in retaliation for Anton. Simple as that. Steve's work had gotten his father killed. Any possibility of a tie in wasn't worth considering.

He heard a noise a second before a voice yelled, "You! Hands up! Don't move!"

Steve's gun was out before he was finished demanding to know who the hell was pointing a gun at him in his father's house. Detective Danny Williams, apparently, with an ID to prove it. Steve put his gun away as the detective did, hoping for some cooperation, but apparently the loudmouth not only didn't want to share his info, he wasn't interested in anything Steve had to share as well.

He especially didn't want to share the toolbox, though how it was evidence in a room that was clearly untouched by the murder Steve didn't quite get. Williams went up in Steve's estimation a little, though, when Steve's taunt about calling for back up garnered a "No, an ambulance," in response.

The guy had balls, Steve had to give him that. He looked at Williams, seeing him without a red haze of annoyance for the first time. His height and build...dammit, he was losing his mind if he even thought for a second that an angry cop from the mainland had actually gone to the Hale Mua. He either needed to get laid more often, or become a monk, if one night was going to drive him this far around the bend.

Though he couldn't help but think, as he waited for the Governor to pick up his call, that there was something about Danny Williams. He clearly didn't have a background with Steve's father, and he was so far removed from kama'aina it was hilarious. And yet he cared so much about the case that he was ready to pick a fight with a Navy SEAL rather than let him walk off with anything from the house that might be evidence.

Could be just a territorial thing, but Steve's gut was telling him it was more than that.

"Let's just say I've found something that changed my mind," he told the Governor when she asked why he was taking the job. He told himself he only meant the toolbox, nothing else.

He wasn't sure he even believed it himself, but he'd keep saying it until it was believable enough to get by.


Steve left the house, but it didn't make Danny Williams leave his head. He was as firmly entrenched as the man from the night before, and the longer the two of them sat around in his brain, the more he started to wonder if they really were the same person.

He didn't need to pay attention to drive to HPD, so he took refuge in the familiar. First rule of any puzzle: analyze the evidence.

1) The masked man was the same height and build as Danny.
2) The masked man had the same color eyes.
3) There was a remarkable similarity in the accents between the two, neither having accents common to the island.
4) If anyone was going to need to hide his...well, his needs of that nature, it would be an angry, uptight haole cop in the middle of HPD.

So it was possible. Of course, given the past week, it was also possible Steve was just finally losing his mind. He'd gotten one flash of the masked man's eyes in actual light. And he was certain there had to be more than one person currently on Oahu with an accent like that who could conceivably be the same height.

The masked man's shirt had shown off some nice muscles, but Danny's shirt was a little too loose to tell if he had the same kind of physique. Close, definitely. But close enough that Steve would pick him out in a lineup? Maybe...maybe not.

Then there was the hair. Danny's was much lighter than what was showing from under the mask the man had had on, but Steve hadn't gotten a very good look at the back of Danny's hair. It could've been darker at the bottom. There was no way to know for sure what the rest of the masked man's hair looked like.

He arrived at HPD no closer to any decision on whether or not Danny Williams was his masked man, but certain that he was interested in a little more information. Danny's captain was only too happy to tell him more, as he handed over the files on the murder.

"He's a great detective," Captain Hookano said. "Long list of commendations from Newark. Smart. He just has...a temper."

"Really?" Steve joked. "I hadn't noticed."

"He doesn't even try to fit in," Hookano said. "He pushes everybody--cops, detectives, the lab, paper pushers, you name it. You try to explain Island Time to the guy, he just stares at you like you're speaking another language."

Steve folded his arms over his chest. "And that's a bad thing?"

"It is if you want to get anything done here."

Unless you have the backing of the Governor. HPD might be stupid enough to lay back and take their time, but Steve had no intention of anyone on his task force doing the same. He needed smart and pushy...and loud didn't hurt either, under the right circumstances. He needed Danny Williams. "He seems like a bit of a problem for you, Captain," Steve said. "Maybe I should take him off your hands."

He didn't even try to make it sound like a question.


Part 3


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